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  • Job list / Position details

    Position name: Process Engineer

    Number: 5

    Full time: Full-time

    Education: 全日制本科及以上

    Working place: 杭州

    Working life: 3

    Release date: 2017-11-02

    Closing date: 2017-11-30

    Job requirements:

    Post responsibility:

    1, you should be responsible for writing the product processing and assembly process, the preparation of work instructions;

    2, you should be responsible for product production process, the formulation and implementation of process standards, analysis and solve on-site process problems;

    3, you need to be responsible for formulating and modifying the material consumption quota of product parts;

    4. You need to be responsible for the scientific integration and technical transformation of the workshop process;

    5, you should be responsible for the application of new materials, new technology, new technology;

    6, you can also analyze and solve customer complaints of product quality problems, formulate, implement corrective and preventive measures.

    (suggested to do the car accessories product process design colleagues try)